I want to spend time face to face lets do it!

First step in getting to know me

If you want to meet and hang out with your favorite fantastically fun, fit, and amazingly beautiful MILF adult video legend, I have made it incredibly simple.

  1.  Click the button below, pay your $50 and we will do a face-to-face pre-get together.
  2. Yes, it isn't free because if it was every overly excited ding dong would be scheduling them.
  3. There are no other options.  I know that won't work for many of you and that's OK.  Such is the way of life.

$50 Introduction

 My Email is Brooketyler2@gmail.com

So how does the cam to cam pre get together work?  It's pretty damn simple.  If you are looking to have a fan interaction with a G-rated person, that isn't me.  What you will need and what to expect:

  • Some privacy as there will be some nudity unless you want to go all Disney on me.
  • Skype, Duo, or Facetime
  • Your Drivers License or Passport that matches your face
  • A smiling face

The cam to cam is a great option because you get to see who I really am.  I don't hide behind filters.  I don't edit fat off myself, don't knock off 50 years of cigarette face, and no weird sparkles or animal faces.   I am one of the legends of adult who actually match their pictures.