Hey Guys, Here is a current video and photo. No stupid filters, creepy animal parts, or fuzzy smoothed over videos, just me the way I am. I’m available in Daytona just about all the time and frequently available in Orlando and Jacksonville. So get with me when you get the chance!

I am back home in Daytona Beach, FL for awhile.

My Rates for FL are as follows:


1 Hour is $450

1.5 Hours is $700

2 Hours is $900

3 Hours is $1300

4 Hours is $1750


Meeting me is easy to do.  Every new client has to be verified without exception but don't let that run you off.  It's quick, easy, and non-invasive.

If you have references from other girls that makes it super simple, just get them to me!  Always fast and free!

If you don't any at all we can do a cam to cam verification.  It's super fast, but it isn't free, it's $25 but worth every penny!

Brief Introduction Cam

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