Lets get right to it!  First things first, where on this great big planet am I right now?  As many of you know I travel extensively so who knows, I may be right around the corner from you!  Just watch this short, sexy video and you will know exactly where I am.  No childish filters, no silly photo editing, just me exactly the way you will find me!

Hey Guys!  I am in Philly from the 8th of October thru the 11th of October so come and see me!  I will ring your liberty bell like it's never been rung before!  See you soon!

My rates while I am here in Philadelphia are as follows!

1 Hour $450

2 Hours $900

3 Hours $1300

4 Hours $1700 

I will be in Daytona Beach on the 14th of Oct so if you are in the area make sure you set something up with me!

Meeting me is easy to do.  Every new client has to be verified without exception but don't let that run you off.  It's quick, easy, and non-invasive.

If you have references from other girls that makes it super simple, just get them to me!  Always fast and free!

If you don't any at all we can do a cam to cam verification.  It's super fast, but it isn't free, it's $25 but worth every penny!

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