Cam Verification

What you need to know to cam verify with me

Its fast, its easy, and its fun

Cam verification is the easiest and fastest way to get verified if you don't have solid, verifiable, references.  Heres the low down on it.

Lets do a cam 2 cam verification only

Best option when short on time

Doing a Cam 2 Cam verification is straightforward and fun.  Don't mistake it for an XXX cam show, if that's what you want then just scroll down, and that option is available as well.  You will see me, and I will see you.  It does several things.  It lets you know that I am who I say I am and not someone 62.5 pounds heavier or using old and outdated photos.  It lets me see you, and you will be required to show me your photo ID.  You will also need a little privacy as well as though it won't be an XXX cam show; there will be a brief but exciting glimpse of nakedness.  How you get this verification is simple, click on the link below and simply hit the $25 tip button.  Once you do I know you are ready, serious, and we will get you verified promptly.  See you soon!

Click below and select $25 tip"




This option is for those of you who like a little action with their verification.  What is it you ask?  It's an XXX cam show, and as long as I can see you, it will count as your verification.  What can you expect?  Mayhem, madness, and a little bit of weird thrown in to boot.  I am not a cam girl; I don't sit around fishing for your dollars telling you I love you and so on trying to get you to buy me more tokens.  When you buy a cam show with me, you buy it from me, and unlike the vast and wide majority, I expect to have fun in a very adult kind of way.  Much to the dismay of many, I don't do them 24/7.  First of all, though I know most girls would tell you otherwise, I have a limited budget of orgasms.  After that, it's faking, and that's  no fun whatsoever for either of us.  Second, part of being an escort is seeing people, so that stomps the brakes on my schedule as well. Look, guys, like you, when I'm horny, I want it in me right then and there, and I know when you want a cam show your dick is waiting very impatiently.  So, what I am saying is make sure you check with me first before buying a XXX camshow in case I can't do it right it away.  When your ready, just click the link below and pick your poison!  I will see you soon so bring your A game!

Click below and simply buy whatever length xxx hardcore show you would like


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