Meet Brooke Tyler

A true escort Elite &Undisputed queen of porn

The opening statement

Let me make it simple for you.   When you want the best, then you want me.  I am a tax paying, one hundred percent all-American MILF, and, as a bonus, I come with perfect 34 GG boobs that will rock your world from top to bottom, inside and out.  The one thing you do need to know is that I don't doctor up my pictures, post old photos, and otherwise present myself as 57.3 pounds lighter than I am, as the by far and wide vast majority of others tend to do.  How is that for an opening statement?  Pretty bold to say the least, but it is what it is.

My Specialties

social Media

Much to the annoyance of some, I post more than my share of porn just because I can.


I have made more porn than I can remember.  Some good, some bad, the worst being the most fun.


Most girls think posting a photo on Instagram makes them a Web Master of the world.  I build these sites from the ground up and change them often, again, just because I can.  This one gave me fits.


faq #1 Sex Fantasy

Does anyone have just one? I would say any issue of Penthouse letters is chock full of my current dripping wet, drop the panties, fantasy.  I reserve the right to change it at any given moment.

FAQ #2 Sexual orientation

Straight or gay.  Depends on the day and the person I happen to have in my eye at that very moment.  As with Sexual Fantasy above, I reserve the right to change said orientation at any given second.

To MILF or not to MILF

That is the question.  What's not the question is that I am fitter, faster, stronger, and simply hotter than most twenty-year-olds.  In other words, though they may make you breathe hard, I'll damn near kill you.